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Basketball is offered every winter for boys and girls ages 4-12 depending on participation and players are provided with a jersey and shorts.

All-Star teams have the opportunity to compete in the SCRPA District and State Tournaments

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2022-23 SEASON has Closed.  Information for the current season can be found below.

2023 Loris Basketball Teams

Loris 8U Teams
(Click on Coach's Name for Schedule)

Loris 10U Teams
(Click on Coach's Name for Schedule)

Coach: Josh Bryant

Coach: Tracy Hornung

Coach: Dean Bennett

Coach: John Mishoe

Coach: Kenny Rich

Coach: Junior Ford

Loris 12U Teams
(Click on Coach's Name for Schedule)

Coach: Michael Marksberry

Coach: Dean Bennett

Coach: Archie Clark

Coach: Rod Purcha

2023 Loris Basketball Standings
(Loris vs Loris Games Only)

Team Rich 4-0
(Tournament Champs)
Team Ford 1-3
Team Mishoe 1-3

Team Hornung 3-1
(Tournament Champs)
Team Bennett 2-2
Team Bryant 1-3

Team Clark 6-0
(Tournament Champs)
Team Marksberry 4-2
Team Bennett 2-4
Team Purcha 0-6


2023 Loris Basketball Leading Scorers
(Loris vs Loris Games Only)

-Rylan Mishoe 29 pts
- Ky'Mir Rich 28 pts
-Mason Windley 24 pts

-Memphis Marksberry 37 pts
-Keenan McCollough 16pts
-Myrell McLeod 15
-Sammy Holt 14 pts
-Kamari Young 14 pts


-O'Bryan Clark 149 pts
-Ethan Shaw 73 pts
-Maddox Marksberry 66
JoJo Gerald 53 pts
-Gabriel Peer 49 pts
-Braydon Bell 49 pts
-Christopher Joseph 47 pts


Recent South Carolina State Tournament Placements

The City of Loris is proud of our recent success in South Carolina State Basketball Tournaments.

2020 - 12U State Runner-Up

2020 - 8U Eastern District Runner-Up

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