Loris Recreation Department

2018-19 Annual Report

July 2019 marks the beginning of my second year employed as the Director of Recreation in our wonderful city. I continue to be impressed with the support for recreation and the excitement found within the Loris community.

The 2018-19 year was a historic year for the department. A number of small and large scale projects were developed and completed. We experienced an increase in youth sports participation and we focused on the development and training of our volunteer coaches.

For The Loris Recreation Department, success means measurable improvements in the community we serve. Setting high standards for ourselves and for our programs is critical for that success.

The 2019-20 year will be met with the same fierce drive for improving our facilities and programs that the department exhibited throughout this past year. Although we had many achievements there is still much room for improvement.  

-Tom Cocke

Director of Recreation